When the weather cools down in Plant City, FL, it may surprise you to find your system isn’t producing heat. Here are some of the top reasons why your ductless system may fail to produce heat.

Refrigerant Leak

Whether your ductless system is heating or cooling, it relies on refrigerant to do its job. If there’s a refrigerant leak anywhere in the system, it won’t maintain the right pressure. The result is a frozen system and reduced heating capacity.

Refrigerant leaks may be small and difficult to find or quite substantial. Regardless of the size, a leak poses a health risk if it’s inside, and it poses the risk of damaging your unit’s compressor. Call for a professional to check the refrigerant level and find and fix the leak.

Clogged Air Filter

Like any other HVAC system, your ductless unit has an air filter to keep damaging contaminants out. If the filter is dirty, it’ll prevent air from flowing in and heat from flowing out.

Check your filter and consider washing it with water. Be sure to give it plenty of time to dry before installing it back on your unit.

Dirty Coils

Small particles will flow past your air filter and will settle on the coils inside your air handling unit. This reduces both the heating and cooling capacity, acting as a sort of insulation on the coil. A technician will clean the coil during routine HVAC maintenance, ensuring your system is ready to produce heat when needed.

Faulty Blower

Your blower motor may burn out before the end of your unit’s service life. As it nears the end of its usefulness, it may spin more slowly, reducing the heat it produces. A professional technician should evaluate and replace a blower motor to prevent damage to the rest of the unit.

Ignoring the first signs of a problem with your ductless system will lead to more substantial issues later. Schedule your ductless mini-split repair service with our expert technicians at Wards Air Conditioning today.

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