Common signs of an overheating furnace include a strange humming noise or a burning smell when the system is operating. This issue can reduce the efficiency and comfort of your Plant City, FL home and cause the heating system to shut down abruptly. Below are some reasons why furnaces overheat.

Old Age

Furnaces have an average lifespan of 15 years. When the system exceeds this limit, its components begin to wear off and strain as they try to function and release warm air into your Plant City, FL home.

An effective solution is to replace your old furnace. Modern heating systems have a built-in safety feature that turns them off when they overheat to protect their components from damage. They also perform with higher efficiency to keep your home warm and safe at all times.

Poor Airflow

Clogged filters often restrict the airflow in your furnace. As a result, the blower motor and other internal components work harder than usual and become too hot.

This issue also causes dust and other contaminants to accumulate on these components, preventing heat transfer in the heat exchanger. The debris buildup can also block the blower.

This problem causes the fan to strain to distribute hot air in your home, causing overheating issues. Therefore, ensure that you schedule regular maintenance to allow the technician to inspect your heating system and clean or replace the filters.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when your furnace turns off before it completes a heating cycle. This problem occurs when the system has a malfunctioning thermostat or is too large for your Plant City, FL home. It stresses the blower motor and causes it to start overheating.

Mechanical Issues

Your furnace may start to overheat when one of its parts breaks, become loose, or starts to malfunction. You will need to seek technical expertise to identify and repair the components causing this issue.

If you notice that your furnace is overheating, you should hire a specialist to fix the issue as soon as possible to prevent expensive repairs or expose your household to fire hazards. Contact Wards Air Conditioning for furnace repair and maintenance services.

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