If you own a home in Plant City, FL, you know how important it is to have a working air conditioner ready to go when you need it. Maintenance, proper use, and prompt AC repairs can help keep your air conditioner running smoothly as the heat climbs. However, there are always issues that can crop up out of nowhere. A faulty sensor is one of many issues that can cause your AC to malfunction.

What Is an Air Conditioning Sensor?

Air conditioning sensors are components of the system that measure the temperature in the room. These sensors help your air conditioner to regulate the temperature of the air according to the setting on the control panel. A sensor that isn’t working properly can’t accurately measure the temperature in the room.

Signs of a Faulty Sensor

You might notice that your air conditioner doesn’t turn off when the house reaches the set temperature if you have a faulty sensor, Your AC will just continue to blow cold air. The temperature may even become uncomfortably cold. If you fail to address the issue you may find that the extra energy usage shows up in your monthly utility bill.

Another sign of a faulty sensor is a system that continuously cycles on and off instead of turning off only when the temperature reaches the setting you have chosen. Your unit will keep turning off and on at random intervals.

Causes of Sensor Issues

The Department of Energy explains that sensors can get knocked loose and cause your air conditioner to stop working properly. If your sensor is the issue, major AC repairs may not be necessary. A technician can inspect the sensor to ensure that the connection is fixed.

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