If you experience a lot of allergies at home in Lakeland, FL, you may benefit from investing in a whole-home air purifier. This guide will explain how whole-home air purifier systems work and some of their advantages for homeowners.

How a Whole-Home Air Purifier Works

When pollen and dust move through a whole-home air purifier, the particles are gradually charged. After the particles reach the collector plate, they’re strategically captured. The particles can’t move on the collector plate because it emits an opposite charge.

The Benefits

Shortly after an air purifier is installed, you’ll sneeze less often. This relief from sneezing occurs because the air purifier cleanses the air by trapping pet dander, dust and other types of contaminants.

A whole-house air purifier will also make your home smell better by capturing particles that emit harsh odors. It can eliminate:

  • Foul food odors
  • Smoke fumes
  • Stale scents from trash and laundry

You’ll appreciate how an air purifier captures dust in your home. Your daily dusting routines will be easier after the unit is set up. It will grab many dust particles before they have a chance to land on books, electronics, furniture, and other objects.

Top Reasons to Buy a Whole-Home Air Purifier

If you purchase this type of air purifier, you’ll save a lot of money down the road on air conditioning maintenance and repairs. The air purifier will increase your AC system’s lifespan by improving its efficiency. Without a great air purifier, your air conditioner will work harder or break down if contaminants interfere with the unit’s hardware.

An air purifier could also help you sleep better throughout the night. You’ll wake up less frequently because the system will trap contaminants that can affect your breathing while you’re sleeping.

At Wards Air Conditioning, we have a team that installs whole-home air purifiers and air conditioners. Call us today to learn more about installing an air purifier system in your home.

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