Have you noticed your heat pump seems to run constantly and is driving up your Lakeland, FL, energy bill? Consider this short list of reasons why your heat pump won’t shut off and what you can do about it.

Dirty Evaporator or Condensing Coils

As your system runs, airborne contaminants will collect on your coils, even with an air filter working. This restricts the air flowing through the unit, causing it to run longer to try to achieve your desired temperature.

Low Refrigerant Level

Your heat pump cannot transfer heat, either on heating or cooling mode, without the right amount of refrigerant. If your system has a small leak somewhere, it won’t run as efficiently, causing longer cycles. A larger leak may cause your system to freeze or burn out your compressor, leading to substantial heat pump repairs.

Dirty Air Filter

An airflow restriction at your air filter has the same effect as dirty coils. To avoid this, check your filter monthly, and vacuum it off between changes to give an efficiency boost.

Debris Blocking Air at Your Outside Unit

It’s common for debris around your yard to creep up near your heat pump, restricting the air flowing into it. This may include branches and leaves, or even grass and weeds that have grown up along the unit. Check your outdoor unit frequently and clear at least 12 inches around and above the unit to allow proper airflow.

An Undersized System

It’s important to get the right size system for your home. You may have an undersized unit if you’ve added any service area since you installed your it. Running an undersized unit increases your utility bills, leads to more frequent repairs, and shortens your unit’s service life.

You can avoid many of the problems that cause these units to run constantly by getting routine maintenance. Call to schedule your heat pump maintenance visit with one of the experts at Wards Air Conditioning today.

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