Living in a subtropical climate like that of Polk County, FL, there are a few things you need to know about proper AC thermostat use that will help your family enjoy maximum comfort during the summer months. As a valuable side benefit, following these smart AC tips from Wards Air Conditioning will also increase the energy efficiency of your HVAC equipment, saving you money.

Set Your Thermostat to “Auto” & Leave it There

It may be tempting to set the fan to the “On” position to keep it running. But, in a humid climate like ours, rather than increasing comfort, a continuously running fan will actually make your family less comfortable. The reason? A fan that continues running when the AC compressor turns off will re-introduce moisture that the system has just collected back into the air inside your home. In a humid climate, this actually reverses some of the benefit of your system’s normal dehumidification process.

Remember: The higher the humidity level inside your home in summer, the more uncomfortable you will feel. Leaving the thermostat in the “Auto” position will allow the system to automatically turn off the fan between cooling cycles, keeping humidity levels lower and increasing your family’s comfort.

Turn Off Time Delay to Help Your AC Thermostat Do Its Job

Most AC systems are manufactured with a time-delay feature that keeps the fan running for a specific amount of time after the compressor turns off. This is designed to wring every ounce of cooling possible from the system. But these intended advantages can be largely canceled out by the humidity this time delay feature can re-introduce into the atmosphere.

In arid climates, a higher time-delay setting is preferable, but the same is not true in more humid climates such as ours. This is why, in subtropical regions, turning off the time-delay feature is preferable when possible. If your system doesn’t offer this option, using the lowest setting available will help keep you cooler while making your thermostat setting more effective.

If you have questions about proper AC thermostat use, give Wards Air Conditioning a call. Our qualified AC service techs are always here to help.

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