Even with the best maintenance, the HVAC system in your Lakeland, FL home will eventually have to be replaced. Advances in technology have given homeowners the ability to keep their houses comfortable while using less energy with new, high-efficiency units. Here are some ways you may see improvements in the efficiency of your home with a new HVAC system installation.

Saving Money on Your Utility Bills

Consumers are often surprised at how much less their monthly utility costs are when they replace an aging HVAC system with a new one. The Department of Energy estimates that you can save up to 40% on your usage when you upgrade to a new system. New systems eliminate any drafts and leaks in the ductwork to improve airflow for more even and efficient heating and cooling. Besides being friendly to your wallet, reducing the amount of energy you use is also a way to be kind to the environment and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Using Zoning and Smart Thermostat

New zoned HVAC systems work with smart thermostats to let you control how often your HVAC system runs. You can set the schedule so that the unit doesn’t run during the hours when no one is home, reducing the total energy usage of your unit. For additional convenience, you can control the new unit with your smartphone, tablet, or computer when you’re away. Zoning lets you establish individually controlled climate zones in your home so that the rooms used less often receive less conditioning.

Getting a new HVAC system is a significant purchase for most homeowners, so it’s essential to get professional assistance in assessing your home and determining what you need. Take full advantage of the available technology to operate your home in the most efficient way possible. Call Wards Air Conditioning today and one of our friendly, professional team members can help you to understand all your options.

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