The summers of Plant City, FL, call for a cost-conscious way of using your AC while effortlessly getting the level of comfort you prefer. Here, we cover three common signs that reveal inefficiencies within your AC unit.

1. Old Age

Check the age of your unit by checking its nameplate, which tells the date of manufacture of the unit. The outdoor condenser of your AC will also have your unit’s serial number on it if you can’t find its nameplate. Get an older unit inspected to see if a replacement is necessary.

2. Different Rooms with Different Temps

The air handler of an HVAC system is responsible for sending cool air evenly throughout an entire building. Unless you’ve set it that way with a smart thermostat, there’s no reason to find one room cool, another hot and then another extremely cold. Always look for a seamless and complete balance within your building’s airflow.

3. Powering Down and Back on Consecutively

An AC unit that powers up to cool your space but then back down is a cause for concern. Powering on and off in a consistent manner means that your AC is struggling to reach your temperature or has a malfunction keeping it from staying on.

The consecutive off and on of your AC could be due to your air filters failing to properly take in air for your system to use. Other mechanical issues may be due to individual worn parts.

Call Us If Your Monthly Bill Is Increasing

Maintaining a stable, monthly AC bill calls for your AC to work at a steady rate. Contact Wards Air Conditioning when you need an HVAC team that’s ready to repair and maintain your AC indefinitely.

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