If you’re experiencing problems with your furnace, it’s easy to assume that there’s something wrong with the furnace itself. However, the real cause of your furnace may be a different part of your Winter Haven, FL, home. There are several furnace issues that may stem from your thermostat.

Bad Component Pairing

Every thermostat isn’t meant to work in conjunction with every furnace. You need to make sure your thermostat is compatible with your furnace in regard to ­capacity, capability, and type. Low-voltage thermostats are more common in residential settings, but you need to be sure your furnace doesn’t require a high-voltage thermostat to work properly.

Dirt and Dust

Your thermostat probably doesn’t come to mind when you’re thinking about cleaning your home. However, a dusty or dirty thermostat can lead to misreading temperatures and total system failure. Every so often, you should take the cover off your thermostat and gently clean the interior components to keep everything running the right way.

Heat Anticipator Problems

If you have an older analog thermostat in your home, you’ll notice a small metal tab that’s the thermostat’s heat anticipator. This component tells the furnace when to turn on and off in regards to the temperature in your home. If this mechanism isn’t in working order, it can lead to furnace issues.

Inaccurate Temperature Readings

Speaking of inaccurate temperatures, if your thermostat is providing incorrect information to your furnace, it can cause your system to run too much or too little. The position of your thermostat in your home and in relation to your furnace is important when you’re trying to make sure that both parts of your home’s heating system work in unison.

No matter where the problem with your furnace lies, our team of professionally trained and licensed service technicians can identify and remedy the issue. Call Ward’s Air Conditioning today and find out more about how we can keep your home comfortable and efficient.

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