As the owner or manager of a business in Plant City, FL, maintaining a safe, healthy, and comfortable work environment is critical to your reputation and bottom line. Airflow issues in your commercial space impact the health and productivity of your employees. They also affect the efficiency of your equipment and the confidence of customers, business partners, and the community. Let’s take a look at some common airflow issues your commercial space might have and how our commercial HVAC experts can help.

Low Airflow in Particular Areas

In some commercial spaces, airflow issues only affect a particular room or area of a warehouse. When this is the case, spot ventilation may help. Spot ventilation is particularly helpful for kitchen, break room, and restroom areas, but it can also be used for areas near machinery and equipment that release fumes or excessive heat. Exhaust fans are the primary type of spot ventilation.

Widespread Airflow Issues

When airflow problems affect your entire commercial space, you’ll need an enhanced mechanical ventilation system. Also known as active ventilation, these solutions boost airflow throughout your business. According to the Department of Energy, there are four types of mechanical ventilation solutions that can improve airflow in your commercial space. These include exhaust fans, balanced ventilation, energy recovery ventilation, and supply ventilation. A balanced ventilation system maintains an equal balance of exhausting stale, stagnant or polluted indoor air and bringing in fresh, filtered outdoor air, making these the most popular solutions for widespread airflow issues in businesses.

Optimizing Airflow

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that business owners work with commercial HVAC experts to calculate building ventilation rates and optimize airflow. This can be done with proper HVAC design, including the placement of air vents. Partitioning and erecting barriers may also be necessary in order to optimize airflow in commercial spaces.

To learn more about the causes and solutions of airflow issues in your commercial space, take a look at Wards Air Conditioning’s commercial HVAC services, or reach out to our commercial HVAC experts today.

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