Lakeland, FL, may have 240 sunny days per year, but that doesn’t mean the MLB Spring Training town never experiences frigid weather. In 2018, Lakeland set an all-time record low by dropping down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Polk County also frequently dips into the 50s during the winter, which makes indoor heating a necessity.

As the winter season gets underway, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your bill for any signs of rising heating costs. Not only will this put a dent in your budget but it could also indicate that there’s a problem with your HVAC unit.

A Heater Tune-Up is Past Due

Regular tune-ups help keep heaters working at their maximum efficiency. In fact, experts recommend an annual tune-up as part of your home preventative maintenance routine. When a heater goes too long without this vital service, your energy costs are going to start rising. Over time, the lack of efficiency could cost you a significant amount of money.

Your Furnace Filter Might be Dirty

Dirty filters are another common cause of heater inefficiency. Surprisingly, many homeowners don’t remember to regularly change or clean their heater filter. By failing to take care of this one simple thing, you will pay much more to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

There’s a Mechanical Issue

There are a variety of loud noises that can clue you in to the existence of numerous problems. Every noise is a warning sign, but a squealing sound means you need to immediately contact a professional HVAC company. If left unfixed, a squealing noise could easily lead to a broken condenser or outside fan. In both these instances, rising heating costs will soon become the least of your HVAC related difficulties.

Prompt HVAC repairs are the best way to reduce your energy expenses. Head to our heating repair and installation services page to learn how we can help or call (863) 225-7202.

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