A heat pump regulates your home’s temperature in two-three cycles per hour, each cycle being 10-20 minutes long. Your heat pump may start short cycling, thereby struggling to cool or warm your home. Here are some reasons why your heat pump isn’t completing an entire cycle in your Auburndale, FL, home.

A Faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat could be failing to communicate effectively with your heat pump. When the device malfunctions, it sends wrong signals, causing your heat pump to turn on and off prematurely.

A qualified technician can help you to troubleshoot your thermostat safely. They will remove it from the wall and check for a blown fuse.

They can also check the power connection and batteries. In addition, the professional can check the circuit panel to make sure the breaker has not tripped.

An Oversized Unit

An oversized heat pump cools or heats your home quickly and then shuts off. The unit then repeats the cycle since it shut down prematurely. This scenario causes the heat pump to have multiple cycles in one hour.

Ensure you always have a technician to help you with load calculations before installing a new heat pump. The calculations will assist you in getting the correctly sized system for your home. A well-sized unit increases your comfort, energy efficiency, and building durability.

Your Refrigerant Could Be Leaking

Your heat pump’s refrigerant is the leading player in the heat exchange process. It transfers heat outside your house to bring a cooling effect and brings heat inside to warm your home.

When the refrigerant is leaking, your heat pump will struggle to regulate your home’s temperature, causing it to short-cycle. Consider contacting a professional to repair your heat pump and refill the refrigerant.

Clogged Filters

Unclogging your air filters is one of the most critical heat pump maintenance practices. Dust and debris accumulate on your filters with time, limiting airflow and affecting your system’s efficiency in regulating your home’s temperature.

Excess dust and debris can cause your unit to short cycle. For this reason, it is vital to unclog your system regularly.

Reach out to Wards Air Conditioning for all your HVAC maintenance needs year-round. Our professionals have years of experience and have installed countless systems, assuring you quality service.

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