You don’t think much about heating your Auburndale, Florida, home on chilly winter days and nights until something goes wrong. Don’t get left out in the cold by ignoring a potential issue. Here are some of the noises that your HVAC system could be making that should concern you enough to pick up the phone to call the professionals.

Loud Squeals

One of the first noises you should pay attention to for your furnace is a loud squeal. It may not start out loud at first, but over time, it may become louder if not fixed. Often, a squeal is from a part that needs to be lubricated to continue working correctly. Not providing this lubrication may eventually cause the part to break and your furnace to stop working.

A Thumping or Vibrating Noise

Your furnace should softly hum while working. Newer furnaces are relatively quiet compared to older furnaces, but if you start to hear it vibrate or thump, there could be an issue developing that could impact how it works. These types of noises are typically caused by something inside the motor becoming unbalanced. In order for the system to work correctly, it needs to be addressed. Not addressing it could result in your furnace becoming damaged.

Rumbling Sounds

A rumbling sound coming from your furnace often means that there is an issue with your blower wheel. It could also be an issue inside of the furnace itself or a problem with your metal ductwork.

Buzzing or Banging Noises

A furnace that buzzes or bangs should also be concerning to homeowners. A buzzing noise could mean that there is an issue with the fan or another part. Banging noises could mean that the igniters or the heat exchanger are not working correctly.

Have you been experiencing any of these concerning noises or think it’s time for some preventative maintenance on your HVAC unit? Contact our experienced staff at Wards Air Conditioning by calling us at 863-225-7202 today. Let our pros help get your furnace ready to keep your home warm.

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