Many homes have furnaces to keep them warm during the cold months. With winter arriving in Auburndale, FL, it’s time to schedule furnace maintenance. Keep reading to learn about four major benefits of professional furnace upkeep.

1. Boost Indoor Air Quality

Unlike boilers, which pump hot water to unfanned radiators that heat air, furnaces forcefully blow air throughout a house. Inevitably, furnaces collect more dust than their water-based counterparts.

When HVAC technicians visit, they’ll clean dust and debris from your furnace’s nooks and crannies. Doing this directly removes unwanted particulates from your home, improving indoor air quality.

2. Guard Against Common Causes of Furnace Failure

Most homeowners aren’t HVAC professionals. Experienced technicians can detect signs of danger before they develop into larger issues.

Professionals will look for soot, rot, rust, leaks, and frayed wires that often go unnoticed by the untrained eye. This preventive maintenance measure can substantially reduce the chance of experiencing a furnace failure.

3. Improve Performance

Many homeowners grow accustomed to poorly performing furnaces because they haven’t had enough experience with ones that perform optimally. This means you may not know when your furnace isn’t working well.

After HVAC technicians tune-up your furnace, it’ll work at peak performance. Your furnace will also be more efficient, saving you money on utility bills.

4. Extend Furnace Life

Central furnaces have many working parts, including dampers, registers, blowers, and burners. Over time, these parts may age at different rates.

None of these parts is completely independent. Rather, they work together with one another to heat your home. By lubricating moving parts, cleaning drains, and making minor adjustments, HVAC technicians can extend your furnace’s working life.

Having served the Auburndale area for more than 55 years, we’ve firmly established ourselves as a reliable local HVAC service provider. Contact us at Wards Air Conditioning today for your furnace-related needs.

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