Your air conditioner’s compressor pressurizes the refrigerant so that it can absorb the heat from your indoor space and release it outside. When the compressor starts breaking down, it may give some clues. Here are signs that could mean your compressor is on its last legs in Winter Haven, FL.

1. The Inability of Your System to Release Hot Air Outside

Your air conditioner’s primary function is to keep your living space cool. If it cannot carry out this function, there could be a problem. One of the common issues is a failing compressor.

When this AC component fails, it may no longer compress the refrigerant. As a result, the refrigerant may not be able to release the hot air to the outside.

One way to establish whether your system is releasing warm air to the outside is by placing your hand over the system’s outdoor unit. If the air is cool, your system’s compressor may not be functioning properly.

However, it’s vital to have your service technician ascertain whether it’s the compressor causing the problem. This is because other issues, such as refrigerant leaks, may also limit your system’s ability to release hot air outdoors.

2. Your Outside Unit Starts Vibrating

You may notice your outdoor condenser unit starts vibrating every time you turn on your system. This isn’t normal. The vibration means your compressor is experiencing difficulties while trying to start.

This scenario indicates the AC component is on its way out. Consider turning off your system and have your technician check your system to avoid expensive repairs.

3. Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Your home’s circuit breaker protects you from an electrical fire accident. A failing compressor may draw excess power, triggering the circuit breaker.

Establish what’s causing the circuit breaker to trip rather than trying to turn it back on. Your service technician can come in handy in pinpointing the problem.

Contact Wards Air Conditioning for exceptional air conditioning services whenever you experience problems with your system. Our highly-skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect your equipment, explain your options, and deliver lasting results.

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