An aging system will struggle to keep your home cozy during dry, chilly weather in Palm Springs, CA. If your system is over 15 years old, it may be time for a replacement. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a residential furnace.

A Suitable Heating Capacity for Your Home

For optimum performance, your furnace needs to match the demands of your home. Equipment whose capacity exceeds the heating load will have to keep switching on and off. On the other hand, if it fails to meet the heating demand, it will run continuously.

Therefore, a professional assessment is necessary before you settle on a furnace. A certified technician will evaluate many factors including, climate, building orientation, and insulation.

The Efficiency of Your New Heating System

Heat pumps are incredibly efficient at heating homes throughout Lakeland, FL. However, they have operational limits, and a hybrid heating system may be the most effective secondary system. Here is some information on what a hybrid heating system is, plus three reasons to consider one for your home.

What Is a Hybrid Heating System?

Heat pumps commonly come with an electric secondary heating element. A hybrid system swaps out the traditional electric heating element for a gas furnace. This allows you to circumvent the drawbacks of independent units while providing the following benefits.

Improved Efficiency

Heat pumps are incredibly efficient systems, oftentimes delivering heat with up to 600% efficiency. These units start losing their efficiency at about 45 degrees and become less efficient than furnaces at about 25 degrees.

When Florida experiences the unusual instance of frigid weather, heat pumps alone may not cut it. A furnace becomes less expensive to run during these times. Ensuring your entire system has routine HVAC maintenance gives you peak efficiency year-round.

More Versatility

Having a hybrid system is more versatile than a traditional furnace and central air setup. Rather, the heat pump’s reversing valve allows the refrigerant to bring heat in from the outside during the cooler months. This allows you to enjoy the system’s efficiency in both the summer and during average Florida winter weather.

Better for the Environment

Hybrid systems automatically switch between heating sources, based on the temperature outside. That means you’ll use less energy, either in electricity or natural gas, because of the optimized switch. Not only will your wallet thank you for the savings, but you’ll also contribute to using fewer natural resources.

Make sure you’re ready for everything the winter will throw at you. Call to schedule your hybrid system consultation with one of the expert installers at Wards Air Conditioning today.

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