Your air filter keeps the nasty particles around your Winter Haven home away from your lungs. Not only can germs and bacteria make you sick, but you also risk dust mites and other allergens invading your body. Learn about the dangers of a clogged air filter to make sure you remember to always have it checked on a regular basis.

Contaminated Air

Whether you have asthma or other breathing problems or live with someone who does, one of the biggest dangers of a clogged air filter is that it contaminates your air. You can often see dust and other debris coming from your vents. This can aggravate your current symptoms and even worsen them.

Higher Power Bills

A clogged air filter forces your system to work harder to give you all of the benefits that you want. It can limit the amount of airflow that reaches the coils and evaporator and even cause some of the parts to freeze.

Once the evaporator freezes, you need to turn it off to reduce the risk of further damage. This can cause a sudden and dramatic increase in your electric bill. The evaporator can also break before you can fix it, which may require you to install a new air conditioner.

Poor Air Quality

Another danger associated with a clogged air filter is that it leads to poor air quality. You may find that you have a hard time breathing or that it feels like a weight sitting on your chest. The longer you use a clogged air filter, the worse the quality of the air in your home will become.

Say Goodbye to Dirty Filters

At Wards Air Conditioning, we want to help you say goodbye to the hassles of changing your filter and remembering to check it. We can install a new AC or help you maintain the one you already have. Call us today to schedule seasonal HVAC maintenance or for any other AC repairs you might need.

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